A Unique View of Raasay

A Unique View of Raasay

One of my favourite pieces of work this year has definitely been my "Notes from a Small Island Called Raasay", a fun little attempt to illustrate the isle of Raasay from the point of view of nicknames, memories and jokes.

These days, there's a lot of discussion about the changing nature of place names in the highlands. With fewer and fewer people speaking Gaelic or understanding names of landmarks, hills and their etymology, we're slowly losing track of many unique place names rooting in the rich and history of the Highlands and Islands.

On Raasay, much of this has already happened, and I thought about how I think of the island, the names I've come up with to describe places or simply the first thing that came to my head when looking at points of the island on a map.

It was a fun experiment that grew far more popular than I expected, and it was actually inspired by a wonderful book I picked up in New York in January called You Are Here: NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City which featured incredible art and unique maps of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. It made me start to think about ways I could depict Raasay, outside of the traditional forms that we all know. 



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