Lying in the waters between the Isle of Skye and mainland Scotland, the Isle of Raasay is a beautiful and unique Hebridean island stuffed with amazing history, incredible views and a unique community.

For our new Isle of Raasay Candles, we wanted to create something that reflected the character of this special island that we live on.

Each candle is decorated with custom, hand-drawn artwork to represent each flavour.

(we think flavour sounds cooler than scent - but don't eat them). 

All of our Isle of Raasay Candles are hand poured in the Hebrides by our friends at Sandwick Bay, using 100% Natural Soy Wax. 



The sweet smoke of bonfires crackling on the beach.

Crunchy rumbling of waves across a stoney shore in the distance.

A glass of Raasay Whisky as the sun sets over the hills of Skye. Bliss. 

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Seanair grew up in the house furthest from the shore.

They'd collect seaweed in big wicker baskets, hauling them up the steep path on their backs.

Salt, sweetness and fresh sea air. The Sound of Raasay stretching out in front of you.

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Black Raspberry & Vanilla


A genius infusion of natural rock and masonry, Brochel Castle once towered above all.

Now, all that lives between the old ruined walls are brambles and ghosts.

Sweet berries, light hints of sea air. Possibly haunted.

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Drawing, drawing and more drawing!

To create the unique look of our candles, we broke out the paper and pens drew a lot!

Here are some sketches from the design process... including some we couldn't use because I drew them the wrong size (d'oh!).

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