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"Antarctica 1" 1:24 Scale Model

"Antarctica 1" 1:24 Scale Model

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It's Antarctica 1! 

This one-of-a-kind model started life as a left-hand-drive Motormax 1:24 Scale VW 1966 Beetle. I purchased it mainly for the colour, but also because it came with a roof rack just like the original Antarctica 1! 

My dad created a beautiful little set of skis and poles, which are fitted to the roof rack with some jerry cans and a tool box (held expertly in using blue tack). My dad also did an incredible job switching the wheel from left hand drive to right hand drive, pained the interior cabin and engine bay to reflect the 'winterisation' and also tried to colour match the red wheels. 

I created a tiny ANARE crest for the door, but this is only on one side as the other side didn't stick properly!

It's a beautiful little model made for the video but like all my stuff, made roughly. It certain is one of a kind! I'll get my dad and I to sign it and it come sight the original box - now altered to include a view of Antarctica in the background! 

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