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Beacon Tower Model

Beacon Tower Model

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Nothing truly sums up "From the Chaotic Mind of Calum" than this little matchstick beacon tower made for my video on America's Airway Arrows

I designed it for a quick cutaway gag in the video essentially, but I sort of fell in love with its janky, thrown together look. The iconic arrow, as well as the generator shed and tower platform are carved from the finest balsa wood. Holding the mighty searchlight (blu tack and a notice board pin) aloft are four, strong cocktail sticks all expertly painted in the period correct-colouring. 

Decorating it is finely engraved lettering, consistent with markings found on towers at the time. With this on your desk, a coffee table or perhaps atop your wedding cake, you will always be reminded of the important role the Airway Arrows played in American aviation history (and you alone since little to no ones watched the video).

It also comes incased in its own handy travel case, made from two Holzkern watch boxes mangled together. Once you've thrown away the tower, it'll make a perfect storage box!

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