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Raasay Bingo!

Raasay Bingo!

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It's Raasay Bingo! The hot new game that's sweeping the island (not really). 

On a visit to America last year, we stumbled across an old game of 'Road Bingo'. Players would mark off things they'd spotted on the road from windmills and "gas" stations to broken down cars. I loved the concept and wondered if we could do something similar for Raasay! I've drawn small "buttons" of famous sights like Calum's Road and the North Pole Sign to things that are unique or hard to find (good luck spotting that Raasay Vole). 

Each pack comes with four cards with different variations of things to spot. There's a pencil to mark as you find them and a little A5 print of the complete set of illustrations

Get out there and get hunting!

Set includes:

  • 1 x A5 print
  • 4 x postcards, all different
  • 1 x pencil (and eraser!)
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